Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toy Story 3 was Awesome, also chickens and other miscellany

So I am opening up my student profile on the Animation Mentor website. This blog is listed as my website. So I need to post something that makes me sound cool. Oh no! Too late!

But Toy Story 3 was pretty awesome. I especially liked the part towards the end. If you've seen it, you know the part. If you haven't I won't spoil it. Except to say that to children of the right (wrong?) age it is potentially as traumatizing as Bambi. It was quite upsetting.

Was not actually super crazy about the very end, because I know a little something about being a college student who is over attached to childhood toys, but even I thought Andy was acting a little weird. But it's ok, because I was super crazy about pretty much the entire rest of the film. Sadly, I missed the first half of Night and Day (we thought the show was a 4:45 but it was at 4:35, we were actually trying to get there early, damnation) which makes me a little sad, but it's not like I can't see it again.

In other chicken related news, Captain Falcon is (well was) sitting again this time on a nest of her own beautiful blue eggs! I am letting her hatch them (but seriously, no more chicks this year!) because I love her blue eggs and want more hens laying them. With my luck all the chicks will be roos. But since she was only sitting for a couple days when another hen decided to go broody and instead of sharing the clutch (like the last pair of hens I had who went broody, which was super cute) she just kicked Captain Falcon off the nest. I am actually fine with this because this hen (nameless I'm afraid) is ind of more of a badass that the good Captain and I think she'll be a better momma.

But the babies! Captain Falcon's babies ended up being named Captain Planet, Spock, and Yum Yum (Yum Yum is my gorgeous favorite and I'm 98% she's a girl. If she's not I will be devastated). There are three new babies (the ones with two mommies) and they don't have names. Probably won't until their gender becomes more apparent. But I know Captain Kirk is their dad, so something to keep in mind. But anyway, Captain Falcon's babies! I need more Falcon names. Obviously the first one that leaped to mind was Millennium because I am a nerd. The second was Peregrine. That's probably enough names for now. Once again, mustn't count them before they hatch and all that.

In other news, I really want to get a new job and think "I could waitress or whatever," then I remember that the reason I got this job was because it comes with health insurance. Curse you American health care system! But I had an eye appointment last week and ordered some new glasses which I am very excited about. My current glasses are several years old and the frames are scratched to hell and back. These new ones will be made of delicate filaments of TITANIUM, which obviously is awesome. And even though I am paying kind of a lot for them I would be paying twice as much without in-sewer-ants.

And really, seriously, truly, Intrepid Space Heroes installment 1 is nearly here.

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