Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goldfish Shoals and Q&A of Awesome

So here, after a ridiculous delay is the scratch piece I did for that Humane Society Auction back in April. It was a little hard to let this go actually since I spent hours and hours on it. I took white scratchboard, laid down several layers of color with oil pastels, and then scratched out these fish and all their ridiculous scaly details. Then I went back in with water color pens (ok, crayola washable markers, but real water color pens are like $3 each!) to get the washed effects on the fish.

This image came from a song lyric from the Red Dwarf theme song (which is an awesome show, btw), "I long to lie far away from here, drinking fresh mango juice, goldfish shoals nibbling on my toes, fun fun fun in the sun sun sun." Ok, it definately loses something in the translation to text but I love the line about goldfish shoals.

I have two more pieces of scratchboard (actually 3 if I want to dig that one out of the garage) and I want to come up with some equally great projects for them. Maybe a portrait of my chickens...

Actually that's not bad. One of the other pieces I submitted to the auction was an ink drawing of a pair of my roosters. One of them is my mother's favorite but I'm getting rid of him because he's a little jerk, and she is endlessly complaining that I gave that drawing away. And her birthday is next month. So that's one project down.

Oh right, I was going to mention the Q&A for Animation Mentor (which is frankly not a very good name for a school, but I get what they were going for). Anyway the Q&A was really great. It was a web conference session where we were all chatting and the people who were asking questions got pulled up on webcam so we could meet them. Only a few people in our group asked questions (including me!) but everyone was really cool. I made numerous snarky asides in the chat part, and I hope I didn't come off as an attention whore. But it was all the sort of obnoxious (hopefully) witty shit I would have said to whoever I was sitting next to if the whole thing were happening in an auditorium.

If you hate people talking during movies/presentations, never sit next to me. But I was paying attention the whole time!

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  1. Very beautiful. I love the texture netting look on a few of those fish.