Thursday, July 8, 2010

Futurama: Proposition Infinity

"You wouldn't know perversion if it put clamps on your testicles."

Best quote ever.

Also George Takei. "I'm hugging him in spirit. Now he's hugging me back! Oh my."

George Takei is made of awesome.

So anyway, I just finished watching this week's NEW EPISODE OF FUTURAMA!!!1!!

And it was all about Pride! and to a lesser extent, Canada Day!

I was sad at the beginning when SPOILER!!

Kiff and Amy break up for no reason. Which made me sad. But then SPOILER!! They get back together at the end after a hilarious pro gay marriage commentary. I love when Bender goes to a camp run by the robot preacher to learn not to be robosexual anymore. Then he and Amy go to Gearwich Village Pride to campaign for equality in marriage legislation. Hedonism Bot is there in bondage gear. And it's amazing. Just like real Pride, which I was actually able to go to this year.

Seattle Pride was great (even though the parade was like 3 hours long). We saw a bunch of Dykes on Bikes and a lot of scantily clad people in body glitter shaking it on floats, and at the end a giant Flying Spaghetti Monster float with an entourage of sexy sexy pirates.

The most awesome thing by far was the group of baby Loggers (Loggers being the mascot of my Alma Mater, ALL MY LIFE I WANNA BE A LOGGER! HACK HACK! CHOP CHOP! Yes that's our school chant, and yes it's kind of disturbing, especially with the slashing hand gestures). But when I was at UPS we always had a tiny group of like six people marching. There were plenty of queer people at the school who would have marched, it's just that Pride takes place after the end of the school year and almost nobody was around because they were home for summer. This year the baby Loggers (as I somewhat patronizingly call them) actually dressed up like loggers in plaid shirts, suspenders, short shorts, and stompy boots. When they came near our little cluster of alumni and heard us HACK HACK, CHOP CHOP back at them they gestured for us to come march with them. I was sooo close to taking off and skipping the rest of the parade but I didn't want to ditch the friends I was watching the parade with. Alas, maybe next year.

Anyway, Pride and Futurama: two good things that go great together!

Pride and

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