Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Postcards from the Deep

Back from my hiatus and I come bearing art. The local humane society is having an art auction and I decided to donate some work. I have a painting and an ink drawing in the works, but I'm also making a series of little 3x5 drawings that I call collectively "Postcards from the Deep."

This guy is the Nautilus. I've done a series of weird and awesome deep sea creatures. The best ones of course, are those that phosphoress. Spell check doesn't want to give me that word but I'm sure it's a verb and it looks correct to me. Spell check didn't want to give me siphonophore either. Another one of my pieces is a siphonophore. They are cool glowy things. They are listed as probably the longest animal in the world but they're kinda like coral in that they are actually a colony of small animals. So in the world record length sense that seems kind of like cheating. But they are really cool.

Anyway, the rest of my sea creatures can be found here.

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