Monday, June 8, 2009

Up in 3D

Not having a job is really stressful. And it gets increasingly stressful the longer it goes on. 

So last Thursday I took a de-stress day with some birthday money I got from my grandparents. Got a haircut, saw a movie. 

The film was Up, Pixar's latest offering. It was quirky and charming and sweet, and blah blah blah. 

I love Pixar and everything they do, don't get me wrong, but I didn't love this film. I mean, I really enjoyed it, and I'd watch it again. But every other Pixar film has wowed me somehow, even Cars. I always come out of the theater blown away by what they've managed to achieve. And this time, I guess it was just stuff that I already knew they were capable of. I do love the storybook world of the film, where absurdities are just taken for granted but even that wasn't really breaking new ground. 

The thing I enjoyed most was the 3D. I love stuff in 3D because I'm a dork like that. But until recently, this film in fact, I have never seen it used in a way that ad
ded anything to the movie. It's always three effects that shoot stuff towards your face in a way that is more distracting than anything, and nothing else because you wouldn't want all the people watching in 2D to miss out on anything. But the 3D in Up wasn't distracting, it was used elegantly (the way Pixar does everything) to enhance the world of the film. 

I'm especially excited because there were previews for a Disney movie in 3D (and a couple others) as well. In the previews before the previews we saw a 'making of" featurette about the movie (about Guinea pig spies) and it looked pretty lame (at least to anyone outside its target demographic). But when we got to the actual previews and saw the thing in 3D it actually looked pretty cool.

I've always ranted that 3D could be a great tool if people would just start using it, instead of making it into a gimmick. And now it looks like they're starting to, which makes me kind of excited. 

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