Sunday, May 31, 2009


If you haven't checked out the blog  BrokeAss Gourmet, you really really need to. I use the site on a semi-daily basis for recipes or just ideas. They have this amazing pizza dough recipe that you can use a million ways. 

Thus far I've made pizza, bagels and donuts with it, and I intend to use it to make an approximation of these puff pastries that my mother used to make. 

But by far the best use I've put this stuff to is the calzone. I did not take a picture of my beautiful and delicious calzone, so I have stuck up the first calzone that turned up in a google image search. This one appears to be pepperoni. I'm sure it's lovely. 

Mine was spinach and mushroom. I had too much spinach left over from another thing I made, and so I shredded it with a knife and piled it with some chopped crimini mushrooms on one half of a disk of pizza dough. I threw in some minced garlic and some chopped onions and some basil (left over from making pesto), then piled on mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I was afraid that I had piled it too high and the dough wouldn't stretch enough to close it up, but it did. I brushed on some olive oil and sprinkled some sea salt and ten minutes later I had a really really good calzone. The bread cooked faster than I thought it would and I was afraid the insides would be under done, but it was perfect. 

The article at BrokeAss suggests you always have a ball of this super easy pizza dough kicking around your fridge, and I am inclined to agree. Especially since all it takes is some dough and some cheese to turn a bunch of leftovers into something elegant and delicious.

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