Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Job Search

The job search for Portland is...going. It's hard. I mean, things are tough all over, but I'm almost qualified to do so many things, but not quite. Then there are the jobs that I could do, but they want someone with more professional experience. I'd have some if someone would hire me.

So far I've applied to a grab bag of things. Some I could get excited about, others that I could do really easily and really well but am not that interested in. Today I found The. Perfect. Job. It is tailor made for me. It's a position where I could use all my digital art skills and my audio/visual background, and my writing skills, and the subject matter is something I could get pretty enthused about.

But, it's a Craigslist job. I found it after it had been up for about three hours. That's pretty good in the real world, but in Craigslist job search time the inbox for that job could be flooded with good candidates a couple times over by the time my cover letter and resume reached them. So I do not want to get too excited. Or even excited at all. I've applied for many things and heard nary a reply.

You end up in a continual yoyo of emotion. "I didn't hear back from this job.... Oh hey! There's a new one! That looks good, I'll apply right now!... Oh, no reply from them either. But hey!"

I'm trying to maintain a state of cautious optimism. A sort of Pollyanna-ish attitude that everything will turn out all right in the end even if times are hard now. I think that's actually sort of our national attitude just now.

But it's so much harder with this new job, because it would be so perfect. It's like, it must be a sign, this job was tailor made for me! Except that's not how hiring works. I need to be tailor made for the company, not the other way around. So I return to the cautious optimism, because every now and then, I'll see a 'perfect job' posted somewhere. And eventually for one of those 'perfect jobs' I'll be perfect for them, even if it's not this current perfect job.

But I really hope it is.

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