Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's always everything at once...

It's hard to write about art when you aren't doing much of it lately (although I have some ideas for crafty stuff to put on Etsy).

I've spent the last two weeks driving back and forth from Portland. I have secured a nice apartment in a nice area and I am super excited to move. I like the city better every time I go there. Every single person I've told, (with one exception) has been excited for me and exclaimed over how much they like the city. I've spent the last six years Seattle or Tacoma (which is like Seattle but with self-worth issues). There's lots of stuff that I like about Seattle, and I've always said that it's a nice place to visit...but I wouldn't want to live here.

Portland just seems like a friendly and pleasant place. Plus it has Powell's. And a volcano inside the city limits. A volcano. There's a vet hospital and/or pet store on every corner where there isn't a park, and they have public transportation. I mean, Seattle has buses, and I'm from a place with no public transportation besides the one little bus that drives students and the elderly the 45 miles into town so they can go grocery shopping, so Seattle's public transportation seemed good enough to me. But other people from other cities seem to constantly complain about it, so I'm excited to see how much difference it makes.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the actual moving. I need to throw a lot of stuff away, and send more to the Goodwill, and maybe sell some stuff on Craigslist. My really broken laptop that I've dragged around for the last three years or so, I decided to send to They recycle/properly dispose of them, which I was never sure how to do, so even if I don't actually get cash back, it'll be out of my hands and in the hands of someone hopefully competant. I'll let ya'll know how it works out.

And speaking of just random stuff, I just started playing PMOG! It's a Passively Multi-Player Online Game, where the whole of the internet is your game world, and you play by surfing the way you normally do. I've been enjoying it.

I've finally got a picture of my cardboard dragon in progress, but my internet lately seems to be thrashing in its death throws (I hope it's the internet and not my computer...) and uploading it is currently an impossibility. Next time. I should finish it before I move, I can really justify hauling all that cardboard that far...

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