Monday, January 12, 2009

A Belated Introduction

I am Anna Froese, this is my blog. Today I am officially withdrawn from my old school, and on the job market. I am really excited about not having homework. School and work and homework was a major drain. Now I have a dog, and free time, and I can paint or sculpt or draw or whatever, and it's not more work.

I really want to get my oils out again. I was going to this weekend but I got side tracked. I ordered a box spring from IKEA and it came with all this cardboard that I hate to throw out because I always think cardboard could be used for something. I got out my Exacto knife and drove to the book store to get hot glue for my glue gun and started building a dragon.

Cardboard and hot glue sculpture is a lot like steel sculpture. It has the same elements of danger, with the likelihood of cutting and/or burning yourself severely. But it's a little less labor intensive, and requires far less heavy equipment and protective gear.

It is proportionally not quite as much fun. but the dragon I'm making will be cool. I wanted to add a photo of it in progress, but my camera battery has died, so instead you get a doodle of me and my bad haircut and my glue gun. Ciao.

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