Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Obscene Poetry

So I spent (wasted) several hours today going through old writing. I couldn't find what I was looking for which means I'll probably have to turn on my old piece o' shit e-machine to get at it.

However I did find a poem I wrote during my senior year of college when I should have been working on a paper. I had stolen some lilies from the opening of the senior show and they were just disgustingly slutty. Pretty though. Also they set off all my allergies.

Bright, brazen petals entreat, "Come, delve into my soft folds. Plumb the sweet nectar of my depths."

The heads of turgid, upthrust pistils glisten and drip with clear, sticky sap. The stamens, erect and velvety, beg for something, anything, to rub against them and relieve them of the thick coating of pollen that has made them so thick, flushed and dark.

The flowers accost passersby with their intoxicating scent, fairly shouting, "Come on baby! Pollinate me! Fuck yeah!"

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