Saturday, January 15, 2011

Proof that I think too much...

I did some Superman doodles with my awesome new cheapass ballpoint pen and my fantabulous markers.

Snazzy Outfit

So, somehow despite the fact that it should be utterly ridiculous, this is a snazzy outfit. I didn't have quite the right shade of yellow but it works OK. His waxy tan is courtesy of Crayola and their classic "peach" that's as close as most marker sets come to a Caucasian skin tone.

Anyway, I just wonder how the hell this thing works.

Is it a onesy?
He's gotta stretch the neck and step into the thing? And then it sort of snaps taut when it gets into place. That would explain why it's always one piece hanging in the closet. Or is it...

Seperates with Socks
Hey, the man wears tight boots in all kinds of weather. Arctic chill, deep space. He probably needs some warm socks. His mother probably knit those for him. So don't knock the socks. So maybe it's four pieces which seems less silly than the onesy. Obviously the belt is magic and keeps all the pieces stuck together in combat.


The image of the Man of Steel putting on stockings was too powerful to resist. I like to think that inside the red panties is a hidden garter system. I call that circus stool the Super Poof. I think it demonstrates clearly why the yellow needs to be downplayed in the outfit. I love the drape of the cape in this one and his pushed out ass.

And now that these drawings are done I can stop thinking about this.

ETA: There is something delightful about drawing Superman's toes.

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