Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So this is a bit late but I wanted to share all the awesome stuff I did in Las Vegas...last month. So here is verbatim an email I sent to a friend at the time.

I'm on a family vacation in Fabulous Las Vegas and it's lots of fun except that everyone smokes everywhere. I went to a nightclub last night and all my clothes reek and I had to wash my hair three times. Now my throat is really sore. Of course my throat was a little sore all day yesterday after we spent that afternoon the pool playing volleyball with some random French dudes. At first we thought they were really good, but then we realized the setting sun was in our eyes and we made them switch sides and some middle school kids and their mom came and they kicked pretty much everyone's ass. So it turns out the French dudes weren't that good, just better than us. Of course I'd have done better but my bikini is slightly too big and had to be adjusted after every lunge for fear it would join the other team. So anyway, I hope that my current sore throat is just from smoke and not an illness I collected down at the petri dish pool despite the fact that it's about a 1:1 ratio of chlorine to water. I have seen several shows, some of which were pretty good. I got some free tickets to one that I'll probably go to today for being on a focus group for a TV show. And man, it was a really awful TV show. I found the little rating tool did not let me fully express my hatred for it. Oh well, that's what the essay portion was for. At least that's what I used it for. Anyway, a fun time so far, even though the Erotic Heritage Museum appears to be closed despite its posted hours sign and its website. But oh! I saw Bodies at the Luxor! Do you know Bodies? It is super cool. There are a whole bunch of preserved corpses and they've done varying medical dissections on them and posed them in actiony poses and you can see how the muscles work together and stretch, and it's seriously cool. They had different rooms for different systems of organs. I took my sketch book and did a billion sketches of the shoulder, neck and facial muscles. Like I said, super cool. And at the Bellagio, in the fine art gallery they have an exhibit called "Figuratively Speaking" that is full of works of the human figure. There were Degas ballerinas! And a couple Renoirs and bunch of Picassos. And Hockney and Cornell and some other people whose work was amazing but whose names I forget.

I did a lot of drawings of the zygomatic arch. Fun art times were had in the Sin City. Still kind of disappointed in the Erotic Heritage Museum though. I've wanted to go for like two years, since the last trip to Las Vegas.

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